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Goldie and the Three Bears

Goldie knows exactly what she likes—and what she doesn’t. But when she loves something, she loves it with all her heart. Not surprisingly, Goldie has trouble finding a friend who isn’t too boring, too silly, or too rough. It’s a problem. Goldie is lonely.

One day she gets off the bus at the wrong stop. When she goes to a sweet little cottage for help, no one answers but the door isn’t locked. Goldie soon discovers that whoever lives there shares her very exacting taste in sandwiches, chairs, beds, and books. And she’s about to find a surprising friend who is “just right!”

Recognition & Awards

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Medal Book Award; Book Sense, Children’s Winter List; Miami Herald, Best Books of the Year; Parents’ Choice, Recommended Book; Nominee, Arkansas Armadillo Readers’ Choice Award; Starred Review, School Library Journal.

Goldie and the Three Bears
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