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Saving Sky

Although the country is at war, terrorists strike at random, and widespread rationing is in effect, thirteen-year-old Sky Brightman is remarkably untouched by it all. She lives in a peaceful haven, off the grid on sixty beautiful acres of New Mexico ranch land, with a loving family, three horses, and an elderly dog who brings her gifts. No television or internet brings disturbing news into their cozy little adobe home. Which is exactly how her parents planned it.

Then a string of mysterious arrests begin, and her new friend Kareem becomes a target. Sky is finally forced to confront the world in all its complexity. Summoning her considerable courage and ingenuity, she takes a stand against injustice. With humor, hope, and fierce determination, she sets out to change the world.

Recognition & Awards

The New England Children’s Booksellers Advisory Council, Top Ten Books for Fall; Bank Street College of Education, Best Books of the Year; 2011 Arab American Book Award; Oklahoma’s Sequoyah Book Award nominee; New Mexico Battle of the Books selection; South Carolina Book Award nominee; New Hampshire’s Great Stone Face Award nominee; Toledo Blade Holiday Roundup; Starred Review, Booklist.


“In this provocative title, award-winning author Stanley asks young readers to consider what courage might look like in an America under psychological and physical siege . . . To categorize this novel as science fiction would be wishful thinking, and parallels to our contemporary times appear on every page . . . Readers will have much to discuss . . . beautifully written.”

–Starred review,  Booklist

“This page-turner subtly builds an all-too-believable near future . . . It skillfully captures the irrational fear of a public under siege while giving kids a modern-day, almost-just-like-them female hero who champions hope. Inspiring.”


“This thought-provoking novel explores both the frightening power of mob mentality and fear tactics, along with hopeful possibilities offered when individuals take courageous stands for justice.”

Publisher’s Weekly

Saving Sky
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