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Saving Sweetness

Mrs. Sump is as mean as an acre of rattlesnakes. Too bad she’s runnin’ the orphanage out there in Possum Trot! One day the littlest orphan, Sweetness, decides she’s had just about enough of scrubbin’ floors with a toothbrush. So Sweetness hits the road and the sheriff sets out to save her. Sure, he has a heart as big as Texas, but unfortunately he’s as dumb as a stump.

There’s no tellin’ exactly who does the saving and who gets saved out there in the desert—but Sweetness sure gets saved in the end, in the best possible way.

Recognition & Awards

School Library Journal , Best Books; American Bookseller, Pick of the Lists; Newsweek Magazine, The Best Kids’ Stuff; Copley News Service, Best Books of the Year; Golden Kite Award for Picture Book Text, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators; Featured in U. S. News and World Report; Children’s Book Council, Not Just for Children Anymore; New York Public Library, One Hundred Titles for Reading and Sharing; American Booksellers Association/Children’s Book Council, Children’s Books Means Business; Texas Bluebonnet Award nominee, the California Young Reader Medal, the Vermont Red Clover Award, the Arizona Young Readers’ Award; starred Review, Horn Book; Starred Review, Booklist.

Saving Sweetness
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