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The Chosen Prince

This spellbinding tale, set in ancient Greece and based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, is the story of two princes—one chosen, one lost—and a mysterious girl on a magical island, all of them caught in a great web of destiny.

On the day of his birth, Prince Alexos is revealed to be the long-awaited champion of Athene. He grows up lonely, conscious of all that is expected of him. But it turns out that being a champion is not about fame and glory—it’s about sacrifice and courage.

Alexos follows the course of his destiny through war and loss and a deadly confrontation with his enemy to its end: shipwreck on a magical, fog-shrouded island. There he meets the unforgettable Aria, and faces the greatest challenge of his life.

Recognition & Awards

“Stanley’s newest fantasy, set in ancient Greece, is a bittersweet delight. . . Alexos is a strong character, capable of accepting and adapting to change, even as he struggles with heartbreak and almost insurmountable odds. Other characters–especially the court physician Suliman and Teo’s new sister Aria–are equally well done. The language is lyrical and accessible, and the end is satisfying in the extreme.”

— Starred review, School Library Journal

“A remarkable coming of age story, with a poignant mixture of heartbreak and resiliency . . . recalls classic hero-education stories like White’s The Once and Future King.

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

The Chosen Prince
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