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The Cup and the Crown

In the second book of the trilogy, Molly explores the source and nature of her ever-changing magical gift. Sent by King Alaric on a crucial mission, she is drawn to Harrowsgode, the mysterious walled city where her grandfather was born and from which he later escaped. What she discovers there will alter the direction of her life and challenge her considerable ingenuity and courage. With the help of Tobias, a rat-catcher named Richard, and a clever and devoted raven, Molly gains her own freedom in a most unexpected way, and changes the city of Harrowsgode forever.

Recognition & Awards

2013 Children’s Book Committee/Bank Street College of Education Best Children’s Books of the Year.

“The fast-moving adventure is wildly creative, and suspense builds on every page . . . A story to be cherished and read again and again.”

School Library Journal

“Stanley’s storytelling is polished, her imaginary world clearly constructed. She doesn’t shy away from serious subjects, but her light touch enables readers to ponder them as part of the whole rather than as overt messages about life, love and politics. Savvy readers will suspect (or hope) that Molly’s story will continue, but this section of her saga comes to a satisfying end. Richly imagined and elegantly conveyed, this is a worthy successor to Molly’s star-studded debut.”


“The story is not predictable, nor is it simple. Stanley’s characters are complex; even a minor player like the rat catcher is memorable–funny, wise, and even heroic. Molly’s friendships and loyalties change realistically and are tested in ways that readers will recognize from their own lives. It is the suspense of the plot that propels the reader through the story, but Stanley enriches that suspense with humor, strong sensory details, and an intelligent, engaging heroine.”

The Horn Book

The Cup and the Crown
Diane Stanley bottom banner