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The Mysterious Matter of I.M. Fine

It started with jelly worms…

Kids all over the country are acting strangely after reading the latest books in the mega-popular Chillers series. First, it’s the seemingly innocent Jelly Worm fad. But it quickly turns sinister, with exploding headaches sweeping the nation, and then a serpent surprise that lands several kids, including Franny’s little sister, in the hospital.

Franny is convinced that I. M. Fine, author of the Chillers books, is behind it. With the help of her friend Beamer, she is determined to track down the mysterious author and find out once and for all if the books really are causing all the trouble. After all, a book can’t be that dangerous, can it?

Recognition & Awards

Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Award; Publisher’s Weekly’s “Cuffies,” Cleverest Sounding Spoof;
winner of the Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book Award; Nominee for the Nebraska’s Golden Sower Award; Nominee for the Texas Bluebonnet Award; Nominee for the Oklahoma Sequoyah Children’s Book Award; Nominee for the Tennessee Volunteer State Book Award; Nominee for the South Carolina Children’s Book Award; Nominee for the Minnesota Youth Reading Award; Nominee for the Connecticut Book Award; Nominee for the Iowa Children’s Choice Award; Starred Review, Publisher’s Weekly.

“Superior entertainment, this work should engage both ambitious readers and diehard fans of the genre it satirizes.”

—Starred review, Publisher’s Weekly

The Mysterious Matter of I. M. Fine
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