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The Princess of Cortova

With tensions rising between the kingdoms of Westria and Austlind, Molly and Tobias accompany King Alaric to Cortova, where he hopes to form an alliance with King Gonzalo, an alliance that would be sealed by Alaric’s marriage to Gonzalo’s daughter, Elizabetta. But the devious Gonzalo has many surprises up his sleeve, beginning with the revelation that Alaric isn’t the only suitor.

As the days pass, Alaric is trapped in a nightmarish bidding war, in which the price keeps spiraling up and the terms become ever more outrageous, yet he can’t afford to walk away. Then comes the first attempt on Alaric’s life. Through it all, Molly is powerless to help him, for her magical gift sends her nothing now but terrible forebodings–and visions of an enormous cat who speaks in metaphors of chess. As for Princess Elizabetta, who’s as clever as she is beautiful—is she really Molly’s friend, or just another player in her father’s crafty game?

The thrilling story that began with the acclaimed novels The Silver Bowl and The Cup and the Crown comes to a spectacular and surprising conclusion in The Princess of Cortova.

Recognition & Awards

“Richly plotted, the narrative evolves like a game of chess. From opening to endgame, the story proceeds at an ever-increasing pace, infused with suspense, unexpected moves, and strategic surprises. Once again, Stanley demonstrates her mastery of character, dialog, and setting, and her created, fantastical world operates with both the logic necessary for plausibility and the imagination necessary for a successful fantasy. The result is an unforgettable entertainment.”

— Michael Cart, Starred Review, Booklist

“A story full of political intrigue, deep friendships, and undeclared loves that begins with the princess enjoying the solitary quiet of a morning and builds to a tumultuous, violent, and triumphant ending.  This trilogy should be a staple in school and public libraries.”

School Library Journal

The Princess of Cortova
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